MY NEXT GOAL; Run a sub-2 minute 800m

As a runner, there are certain milestones that you come across that are so captivating that you dedicate a whole portion of your life trying to complete. These achievements range from when you are an 8 year old attempting to complete your first 1km or 2km fun run, or an adult trying to complete a marathon. When it comes to the track, there are a few key objectives that many track runners wish to complete.

These milestones include the famous 4 minute mile, which is restricted to more of the elite athletes, as you are required to run at world class pace to be able to complete this (If you are not familiar with the 4 minute mile I highly recommend Neal Bascomb’s ‘The Perfect Mile’). But for other casual and ‘middle’ class runners like myself another achievable barrier on the track includes the sub-2 minute 800m.

To some, this barrier was completed as a 16 year old, to others with serious natural ability; they can complete a sub 2 minute 800m within a few attempts. But for runners like myself, to run the distance of 800m in under 2 minutes requires some dedicated training and some painstaking mental strength.

It has been a few years since I have donned the lightweight spikes and dared to present myself to the mercy of the track, however seeing as a junior I was never able to break the 2 minute barrier for an 800m, I recently decided to give this milestone a real crack and really test my physical and mental capabilities. And of course, why not document my progress here where all my exercise and running loving friends can track the development.

With a fairly sturdy running base beneath me, I am now dedicating my training over the next few months to completing this goal. Day 1 of my training starts tomorrow, I will be posting my 800m training program, training schedules, times, heart rate results and race results for anyone that is interested in my self designed program.

I am hoping by achieving my goal I can inspire others to attempt to complete their own milestones.

For now, I look forward to some hard training, some severe pain, and a satisfying ending that can really prove to anyone that when you set your mind to something, you can achieve it!

Starting date; 20/08/2012

–       Current 800m personal best; 2 minutes and 2 seconds (year 2009)

–       Goal; by December 2012 I want to be able to run the distance of 800m in less than 2 minutes


About exerciseexpertise

An exercise loving guru providing as much information on aerobic and weight training as i can!
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